Best Walleye Lures

Choosing the best walleye lures can be very difficult for some anglers or fishing enthusiasts. But if you know the specifics of walleye that you seek for, numerous walleye fishing lures are available on the market today. Some examples include Wally diver, Spoonbill minnow, Grappler shad, Twin Tail grub, Deep Rogue, Spoon lures, Stick baits, Twitch bait, and a lot more.

Wally Divers are very popular amongst anglers as it has an ability to get down right away and perform rigid wiggling action. They can either be used as casts or trolls. They are also very appealing to both small and large walleye as well as other game fish.

The Spoonbill minnow has eye catching colors, great patterns of scales, and almost real fish eyes. Its designs include the floating and rattling replica. It is also carefully equipped with the strongest hooks that are resistant to corrosion. It can deeply crank at approximately seven to nine feet.

Grappler shad also features a rigid wiggling action as the Spoonbill minnow. Also, it has extremely beautiful combinations of colors and detailed patterns with realistic fish eyes that contribute more resemblance to true live fish bait. It is considered as one of the excellent solid baits available on the market today for walleye fishing and other fishing activities.

Another good lure is the Twin Tail grub. It is made of soft grubs (plastic) for large walleye and other saltwater and freshwater species. It can be easily attached to any jig head to pursue any fish in a tournament. Most of this kind of lure is designed having tails that are slender and streamlined.

Deep Rogue has been an excellent lure for anglers as it can produce vibrant waves in deeper water. Its unique rolling acts help maintain consistency in diving depths. Being a multi-specie type of lure, it can be very useful in catching walleye.

Spoon lures are designed and tested for excellent walleye fishing experience using their full bass body and sharp hooks. Because of continued innovation, they aren't only used for casting and retrieving but also to cover more areas of water increasing the chances to fish. Made of thinner fishing material, they come in diverse color options.

Stick and Twitch baits are mostly hard bodied with both short and long bills. Stick baits are very versatile as you can use it to run over shallow waters and bars of gravels, or even troll deep down. On the other hand, Twitch baits generally create bouncy movement mimicking fish that seem to have injuries and consequently fleeing away. They are great for attracting most freshwater species.



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