Experience the Excitement of Manitoba Walleye Fishing

Manitoba is one of the famous places in Canada where fishing is rampant. This is due to the fact that rivers, creeks and streams abound the region. There is the famous Winnipeg River, Saskatchewan River and Red River to name a few.  Living in the Manitoba Rivers are outstanding fish species. There are northern pike, burbot, yellow perch, lake trout and walleye. This article will focus on the excitement of walleye fishing in Manitoba.

Walleye are also known as pickerel. They live in small rivers with temperate currents. These species are light sensitive and prefer living in clean water with temperature from 65 to 75 degrees F. The mentioned water features can all be found in Manitoba Rivers in Canada thus walleye thrive in the region.

Walleye have been the most sought after fish in Manitoba due to their white and flaky meat. Aside from this, walleye fishing can really be challenging since they give a determined battle! Any angler will have to put their abilities to test by engaging in walleye fishing. Popular lures and bait include night crawlers, spinners, jigs, minnow plugs and leeches. Anglers can earn their Manitoba Master Awards and trophies by catching these fish.

If anglers are interested in Manitoba walleye fishing, he will have to make a lot of decisions. The first thing to consider is the river and its location. Any fisherman who wants to stay in Manitoba to have the feel the excitement and numerous lodges and inns are available on the riverside. These places also offer equipments needed for fishing but being prepared isn't a bad idea. Anglers can bring their gear and boats; any other essentials such as bait can be purchased there.

The next thing to decide is the season when to go fishing. Anglers may want to wait till the ice melts since walleye won't jump expectantly towards the anglers boats. The best time for walleye fishing is from June to August. .
The third on any anglers list is the technique to be used. All techniques can work but the most effective way to catch walleye should be learned. Arms will get tired after few days of fishing and so good techniques should be used to catch faster. Usually, you can catch a minimum of 50 walleye per day. 

The last and most important thing to consider is Manitoba's fishing regulations. There are certain rules to be observed like barb less hooks. Online inquiries can be done to help first timers be informed about the laws in Manitoba fishing.

Manitoba walleye fishing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting adventures on our planet! It's not only the patience which is being put to test but the capacity to hold the battle. If you're one of the few thrill seekers who wants a new adventure, Manitoba walleye fishing is for you! 



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